February 22, 2008

Recent Code Smells

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  • A variable called data_hash2
  • A variable called stuff
  • A class called SingletonFactory

February 4, 2008

Drawing a Circle in GIMP

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I don’t know about you but IMHO an image editing program in which I can’t easily find out how to draw a circle has failed the usability test. A sane program would have a toolbar button with a circle on it.

In GIMP you have to do this (from http://www.rru.com/~meo/gimp/faq-user.html#circle):

How can I draw a circle with the GIMP?

Use the elliptical select tool, hold down CTRL key to constrain as circle, fill the selected area with new color, right click on selected area, choose SELECT, SHRINK, shrink selection by whatever number of pixels you want your circle width to be, right click again in selected area, choose EDIT, CUT. Voila, one beautifully antialased circle.

Oh, and extra lose points for making me look that up on Google, rather than putting it in the online help.