June 20, 2006

World Cup Fever

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Listening to the news on the radio on the way to work:

“Early this morning Japan won…”

WHAT???? (PANIC! )

“…a key vote on the resumption of commercial whaling at the International Whaling Commission…”

PHEW! Only whales. For a moment there I thought it might have been about something important, like the results of the Japan Croatia match* 🙂

* Which, if you’re not following the Cup, has great bearing on whether Australia makes the second round.

June 10, 2006

Time to Move On

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I've been cleaning up my bookmarks folder. Back when the Lord Of The Rings movies were being made there was an excellent rumour/news site called http://www.theonering.net which (being the nerd that I am) I checked quite often.

Well, we're now about 3 years since the cinema release of Return Of The King and, guess what, the site is still going strong! Here are three recent news items:

  1. The Lord Of the Rings star takes time out for music!: An article about how Billy Boyd (Pippin) is in a garage band.
  2. Mckellen Hoping For Soap Opera Hat-Trick: Ian McKellen(Gandalf) will appear in Coronation Street!
  3. Happy Birthday Karl Urban!: 7th June was Karl Urban's (Eomer) birthday.

June 2, 2006

Praise The Lord and Pass The Spark Plugs

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My 5-year old asks me where cars come from:

"They make them in factories", say I.

"Where do they get the parts? Does God make them?"

(I don't think so, though it may be true in some cases)