February 2, 2006

Stage Of Life: A Case Study

Posted in misc, personal at 6:06 am by lugnuthorsefly

My brother-in-law, Mike and I both bought cars on the weekend.

I’m in my mid-thirties. I’m married and have 3 kids. I bought one of these:


Mike is in his mid-twenties, is single and has no kids. He got one of these:


UPDATE: A BMW Z4 might be great for picking up chicks but with the Tarago I can pick up the entire Australian Netball Team!


February 1, 2006

Non-negotiable rules of UI design #1

Posted in development at 3:40 am by lugnuthorsefly

“Any window that contains, or can possibly contain a scrollbar must be resizable”

We all have big monitors these days. There’s no excuse for not doing this.